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Software and Hardware
developer with bright visions

Information Technology is our field. We love technology and its functionality.
We like to share our products with the world. Always looking forward to what comes next.


These are some of the core services which the company Coresection Technologies provides.
With a lot of enthusiasm we develop these software solutions for our clients.

App Development

On specific big projects to code for any application we use the Xamarin platform to develop native apps which are compatible on any mobile or tablet device.


Online shopping is becoming more popular as the time is passing. We have a range of attractive solutions to develop a webshop with some open source software systems.


Every business company or online informations are highly demanded on the internet. The design and the way informations are presented is very important.


Developing big webplatforms and special coding is something we do a lot. User experience of any webapplication shows the worth of such a project.


These are the technologies we use mostly to develop efficient products for clients.
The Coresection software development team has massive knowledge about how to use programming languages which are used to create brilliant userfriendly programs.


Fully motivated with fresh and cool minds we work in the company Coresection for future missions in the world of Information and Technology. We have a great team with highly qualified people who are able to lead any software or hardware projects.


The key to a great atmosphere in the company is teamwork. We like to work together to develop products which are user-friendly. Team spirit is our internal goal.


If we are working on a valuable project, which includes a few milestones, we need professional skills. It is a nice attribute of the Coresection character and the clients should know about it.


Anything we do in life, we always leave tracks behind. Valuable products which we invent and implement are also some tracks we leave behind. We are concentrated on only leaving positive tracks behind.

Latest Projects

We have worked on these projects lately. Happily we would like to present our work to the world for reference. It is always a pleasure for us to receive positive feedback from our clients.

Oststern Food Trade

Webdesign oststern.ch

It is unbelievable which technologies are already used for web development today. I am impressed by Coresection, who likes to be up to date. We like to use our futuristic instruments.

Armin BehjatiCEO

David Hess Art

Webdesign davidhessart.com

From the design of my website I was very positively surprised. I just could not believe it. Now I can present my creations in an innovative way. At exhibitions, I run the picture gallery of my website.

David HessArtist

Atelier Wüstenrose

Webdesign wüstenrose.ch

I am very grateful to Coresection for the pleasant cooperation. With a lot of patience all my wishes and ideas were fulfilled. I am very happy and convinced that I have the most beautiful homepage.

Esther SchwanderArt Therapist

Future Projects

Parallel beside our core business we are developing high quality specialized applications for people to make their life easier with these software solutions.






Coresection Industries

Innovative Hardware

Talking about higher levels

Everyday we make experiences in a lot of ways with the hardware systems we use. There is an interaction of our senses when we work with it. In a lot of ways there is a collaboration between the computer and the human brain.

We know that there is a lot that can be changed for a better improvement in the universal usage of hardware components.

Brilliant inventions always start
with a small thinking

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